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Day & Employment Services

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Most individuals will received a combination of the three types of day services listed below:

Facility Based Services – Instruction in personal care, communication, physical health, mobility, and safety in the agency facility.

Community Based Services – Exposure to community activities to assist persons to reach decisions about how they might like to live their life.  For most, this involves deciding a vocational goal, choosing volunteer activities, developing relationships, and identifying hobbies and other valued leisure activities.

Employment Based Services – –Agency and employer –driven initiatives involving career exploration and employment in competitive jobs in integrated settings in the community.  The Cerebral Palsy Center does an assessment of an individual’s skills, interests, and aptitudes so that they can be employed in one of the programs listed below.

Supported Employment program – CP Center develops a job with a partner employer out in the community, provide a job coach to help the individual with on the job training, and provide continual assistance with the individual in maintaining their job as challenges arise through time.

Wal-Greens REDI program – Employment program specifically with Wal-Greens. REDI stands for Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative.  A four week externship is provided at a local Walgreens store where training in four core competencies is provided by an agency job coach and Walgreens staff.  The four competencies are cash register, stocking, computer, and customer service.  Externs are awarded REDI certificates at the end of the training and then may be employed by Walgreens or by affiliated retailers who have agreed to accept REDI certificate.

Project SEARCH: Project SEARCH, created by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, is a program in which people with disabilities can learn relevant, marketable skills while immersed in a 9-month internship program and become employed in an integrated setting. The Cerebral Palsy Center has partnered with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH) for the internship program.  Adults accepted into Project SEARCH spend the first 3 weeks with the coordinator and job coaches to learn and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and learn about the various departments within ETCH in which they will be working.  The intern with the help of the job coach chooses 3 departments and then spends 10 weeks in each department, learning skills to execute the tasks for that department.  Upon successful completion of their internship, participants are provided with individualized supports for placement into employments at either ETCH or a collaborating employer.  They can work part-time or even full-time and be eligible for benefits.

Seamless Transition Program: From age 3-22, children with cerebral palsy are provided developmental rehabilitative services through the public school system.  Many parents are faced with the harsh realization in their child’s senior year of high school that once they graduate, the child and the parent are on their own.  For many households, when the child graduates, a parent is forced to give up their job in order to take care of the person at home.  This can quickly become an economic disaster as there is a waiting list that can take years to get state and federal assistance.  Without the services and support they need, many may end up in a nursing home where the care they need and the setting is not sufficient. The Seamless Transition Program enables young adults who are about to graduate from high school to learn job skills and get placed in jobs in their community by the time they graduate.


Our Mission

The Cerebral Palsy Center is committed to helping individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities have the chance at a fulfilling life with as much independence as possible.

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